Exhibition Featured artist

New works by Matthew Bateson

Thursday 27 October to Sunday 13 November

Private View Saturday 29 October 2022 3 – 5pm
Exhibition Thursdays to Saturdays 12 – 6pm & Sundays 12 – 5pm

Matthew Bateson experiences something of a haunting during the process of painting. He starts the works in a very open, abstract and exploratory way – just pushing the paint around with his brush on the canvas, allowing forms to evolve and interact and letting different colours resonate and bleed into one another. There is no pre-planning or guiding under-drawing to map his terrain.

Matthew Bateson The MPs Convention
Matthew Bateson The MP’s Convention

At some point, the abstract painterly process begins to take its own pictorial rhythms and specific qualities of light, atmosphere and emotional tone begin to pervade the spaces. With each work, accidental marks and a strata of residual pigment establish a ground. Spectral contours of a particular landscape or figurative form emerge almost alchemically from within the materiality of the paint.

Matthew Bateson A Sad Farewell
Matthew Bateson A Sad Farewell

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