Trevor Burgess Artist Talk

I would like to warmly invite you to a talk I am giving at my exhibition Back Stories at the Anna Lovely Gallery on Saturday from 2pm. 

For this exhibition, celebrating my 60th birthday, I have selected paintings from my archive going back to pictures I painted when I was at school. Almost all of these paintings have not seen the light of day for 15 or 20 years. Each painting has a story to tell about the stages on my journey, during the period before I came and settled in London. In the talk I will be telling some of these stories and also showing items from my archive and some paintings that didn’t make it into the exhibition. .

I have been collaborating with the writer Ambreen Hameed with whom I have been sharing my Back Stories. Ambreen has now made a recording of her reflections on some of the paintings in the exhibition, which you can listen to here: “People coming out of the paint”

If you are able to come, it will be lovely to see you at the Anna Lovely Gallery on Saturday.


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