Angela Wright installation

Angela Wright is creating an installation in the gallery garden for the Summer Show in conjunction with Sydenham Artists Trail 2021.

“During the pandemic I have made a series of ‘joke’ works perhaps as a reaction to the seriousness of the situation I found myself in. ‘Let there be light’ is part of this series. The installation which reaches for the sun light, consists of a number of 3m high, bamboo canes, which support high rise, plastic flower pots, containing plants made from scrunched, plastic water bottles.

“Since graduating from Camberwell College of Art, I have made site-specific installations in galleries, churches and corporate buildings, underground car parks and street locations. Finding a location in which I feel a sense of ‘connection’ is the starting point and then I begin the process of assessing what possibilities the discovered place can offer.

“The works only reach finality in their chosen site, revealing their sensational and evocative potential in reciprocation with the site’s character and use. I cannot completely predict a work’s results before its actual installation, its content remains uncertain until revealed via the effects and meanings its environment affords. This sense of risk seems to be an essential part of the process of realising a piece of work – an emotional correlative of the fact that it is often physically fragile, easily broken and vulnerably placed.”

Angela Wright’s website

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