Event Sydenham Artists Trail

Jacqueline Pennell – Shed 2021

Jacqueline Pennell has created an installation in the gallery garden for the Open Show in conjunction with Sydenham Artists Trail 2021.

“Installation and sculpture are at the core of my practice and each site brings new challenges and possibilities. The shed at the end of the Anna Lovely Gallery garden was built alongside the original Pharmacy and medicinal garden. Many of my installations incorporate acrylic mirror into a site to explore the boundary at which fragments of real space can be subtly shifted into an illusionary space; something that appears solid can be transformed into a fragile and unstable state; the moment when what we accept as true slips away and unsettles us. 

Shed 2021 is a quiet reflection on the transience of life, of things collected, used, and then stored or discarded. To shed the stuff that accumulates but not thrown away, the shed becomes the depository. This place of transience is explored by creating the illusion of floating objects that appear to drop beyond the surface of the floor thereby shifting our physical relationship with space and unsettling our psychological understanding of what we know to be real.”

Jacqueline Pennell is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader at Goldsmiths, University of London and exhibits her work both nationally and internationally.

Jacqueline Pennell’s website

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